Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Second Kid Photo Syndrome

When I was growing up my dad took all the family pictures on his Nikon 35mm camera which were all developed as slides. As my brother and I got older we would ask to see the photos, so our family would pull out the slide projector and sit in the dark clicking through the slides projected on the wall. I remember having to sit through all the pictures of my older brother before we got to any with me in them. I was always kind of bummed out because there were way fewer photos of me than of my brother. Sitting in the dark I vowed to take just as many pictures of my second child as the first. Well, today I realized my son has now become a victim of Second Kid Photo Syndrome - I haven't taken a single photo of my son since the day he was born! What a terrible mom! I have however been enjoying all his smiles in person - taking mental pictures if you will. Of course, this won't cut it when Piers asks me, "Where are all the pictures of me?!"
So feeling guilty I whipped out the camera today and attemped to captures Piers' too cute smiles. Even though the composition sucks, this one is my favorite.

Lot's more here.

On the knitting front, I finally got to knit for a few minutes last night for the first time since Piers was born. I picked up the baby cardigan from Phildar I started working on two summers ago while I was in Europe for a month. Of course it is an 18 month size for my daughter who is now 2 1/2 and I never finished it. It has fringe so I can't put it on Piers. Oh well, I'll finish it and put it away for someone. Unfortunately, everyone I know is having boys! I'm midway through knitting both sleeves at the same time. Hopefully I'll have a FO soon so I can work on something new!