Thursday, March 16, 2006

Some finished knitting

Finally, some more finished knitting! As I was posting these photos, I realized that other than the backyard leaves scarf, I didn't have any finished objects in 2005! What's up with that?! Is that right? Seems pretty pathetic. I do have my clapotis that I haven't posted about - gotta take a finished picture still. I finished Cable 8 around the end of last summer, but it has been sitting, waiting to weave in the ends...many ends! That Pakucho Organic Cotton is great, but comes in such small skeins. That equals lots of ends! On top of that, the other day I was looking at a photo of the finished front and realized I had totally screwed up the cables! Crap! And of course it is at the very bottom. So, I think this will get ripped and become a new summer project. Haven't been able to wear it anyway since I've been pregnant. And then of course there is my started Martha sweater from Rowan 37 for the Martha KAL. Doesn't look any different at this point. I'm lame. It falls into the rip out and start over summer project as well. What happened to last year?!
I'll soon have a little more time though, as April 3rd is my last day at work. I'm fortunate enough to be able to stay at home with the new little guy at least until the end of the year. Stay-at-home-mom land here I come! Whether that means more finished knitting projects or not is yet to be determined!
Ok, so on to the finished knitting...

Ribby Cardi
Yarn: Peruvian Collection Highland Wool Coffee Bean & Starlight Blue
Pattern: Chic Knits Ribby Cardi
Started: sometime around when the pattern was first published?!!
Finished: February 2006

This is my very first sweater and I love it. Unfortunately, after careful measuring and swatching, it still didn't fit me! I was so disappointed that it sat for months without the zipper sewn in while I thought about what to do with it. Then I realized that it might fit my friend Lesley...

Wow! Doesn't it look like I planned it that way all along?! Crazy! I'm glad it fits her and someone will get some use out of it - even better when it is a good friend!

Girlfriend's Swing Coat
Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton Ease Cherry Red
Pattern: Knit and Tonic Girlfriend's Swing Coat
Started: ummm...maybe sometime in December 2005?...
Finished: February 2006

This went pretty fast and was fun to knit since it was knit from the top down, picked up stitches for the sleeves, and then for the collar. So no seaming, yea! However, I did an I cord edge around the whole thing to keep it from curling and that took forever!
Here is Helen modeling it.

A little big, but I made the 3T size on purpose (she is 2 1/2) so that it will fit her through the spring and summer. Since it isn't close to spring weather here yet, it should be perfect by the time she can wear it!

Here are the latest photos of Helen from January and February. My favorites:

Helen's first cookies

And her first bike ride

Click on the links for more.

Oh, and here is the latest photo of me...

A little blurry, but you get the idea...really big and ready to burst! Only 4 more weeks to go!